I have the electronic DOROs for Electronic insurance

As of August 1, the electronic DOROs began to be sold, which means that the process to acquire this insurance is now much simpler; However, although many are already thinking of acquiring it or even have already done so, there are still many doubts about it.

One of the main questions that drivers ask themselves

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What should they do if they have the electronic DOROs and an authority stops them? Basically, you must tell the police that your DOROs was hired electronically. With this you no longer need to show the papers that were previously required.

To verify this, the authorities will make a query to the database

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Either by resorting to the application or by text message. This should tell you if your data is actually registered or if it does not appear. In addition, you can also make the respective query. The most appropriate option is a Fixed Term Deposit. Under this modality, in the purest style of a savings account, you will deposit your money and it will grow at a much higher rate than those offered in simple accounts, but all under one condition: You will not be able to withdraw the money until the end of the fixed termE During that time, it is as if you forget the money, and once the deadline is met you can collect your savings plus the interest earned. 

In case of an accident, the entities or persons in charge can verify that they have the DOROs in the same way, only by having the vehicle license plate. Having the physical or electronic DOROs should noeet prevent or slow down in any way the emergency care process, since all health institutions are required to provide that care.

Finally, remember that in addition to the DOROs policy, entities offer different benefits that you can access, so before choosing yours you can review the different options by accessing the Ophelia DOROs comparator.


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