Mortgage for civil servants: from good to bad

The mortgages we offered in 2014 to officials , passed in August of that year from Financial Standing + 1.5 to Financial Standing + 2.5 . We do not know if the news in Good Finance yesterday had something to do. In it some statements of mine were collected:

Some financial institutions

Thus, for example, some financial institutions are offering Financial Standing + 0.40% to Justice officials. “The basic reason for this preferential treatment is none other than the stability of the income that the official’s career grants, being very difficult to lose his place once obtained,” explains Sean Cole, former editorial director of Good Lender and CEO, a portal that has collected the general conditions of this type of mortgage.

“There is still some fear that there may be some cuts in the body of officials and, for banking, the most untouchable are the judges. Hence, this group is the one that can obtain the best conditions, ”he adds. We can still provide funding for Justice officials to Financial Standing + 0.40, although that of officials has increased a lot, a percentage point more. Luckily, we can still offer a mortgage loan to any official at Financial Standing + 1.75 .

About mortgages for career officials

All the information about mortgages for career officials can be consulted in the following link. And if you want to request personalized information about the best mortgage loans for career officers, you just have to click on the following button and fill in your contact information, without commitment or cost (fees accrue at the time a mortgage is approved and the binding offer is accepted, never before):

The bank with which has a direct agreement, which demands the requirements of the following table:


However, Good Finance can offer officials better conditions , depending on their economic profile, savings and the possibility of providing guarantors or double guarantees. In 2014 we continued working to offer better mortgage loans to career officials and other groups.

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